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Wisconsin prosecutors said Thursday they want jurors to consider even lower charges against Kyle Rittenhouse, in the form of the high-profile trial of the 18-year-old — at which two people were fatally shot during a protest last year. He was charged with shooting and injuring a third – the closer it is to the closer.

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Kenosha County prosecutors told Judge Bruce Schroeder that they plan to seek his permission to add “less involved” charges against Rittenhouse to two of the six cases, including the fatal shooting of Anthony Huber and that of Gage Groskretz. Injuries included.

Rittenhouse was initially charged The shootings of Huber and Grosskretz included first-degree intentional manslaughter and first-degree intentional attempted murder, respectively.

The state does not currently plan to ask for less involved charges for the shooting death of Joseph Rosenbaum (who stands on first degree reckless homicide), but prosecutor James Cross told the judge “we need to discuss that thoroughly.” is required.”

rittenhouse also have to face Two cases of negligent endangering safety and one case of possession of a dangerous weapon by a person below the age of 18 years.

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