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Members of Congress are calling for an investigation into Liberty University in the wake of allegations that the conservative Christian school misrepresented claims of sexual assault and discouraged victims from speaking out.

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Democrats Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, both senators from Virginia, urged the Department of Education to see whether the university in Lynchburg, Va., violated Title IX, a federal law that prohibits universities based on gender. Receive federal funding from discrimination.

Last month, several Liberty students told ProPublica that they were discouraged from reporting sexual harassment by university officials who warned he could be reprimanded for violating “The Liberty Way”, a code of conduct that bars students from fraternizing with the opposite sex.

In the statement, Kaine said it was “wrong” for a university to bar or discourage a victim from speaking out, and Warner said that the allegations against Liberty were a “transparency, consistency and accountability” for federal lawmakers at universities and colleges. Underscore the need to address ,

Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) also told ProPublica that his office had been in contact with the Department of Education, saying the allegations were “Worried And it should be investigated.”

On Friday, the Liberty University Board voted start a review the department that oversees Title IX compliance after students organized a rally On the campus on Wednesday in support of women victims of sexual assault.

12 women in July Sue Liberty University, adding that the university failed to help them after the sexual assault and that the school’s policies make the campus unsafe.

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