Leaders who reboot their game to become the enterprises of the future

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If digital transformation was about driving fundamental change within the company, its next chapter will be far more outward-looking. It’s about being digital-first: building digital businesses that are viable and sustainable over the long term. Rather than simply leveraging digital technology to take advantage of new opportunities, such organizations are ready to build operating models to meet the changing needs of customers. In fact, 95% of CEOs globally are already realizing the need to adopt a digital-first strategy.

But what does it mean to be a digital business? First, digital businesses adopt a digital-first enterprise strategy led by CEOs and other C-suite executives. They use technology to stay competitive, shifting their priorities from mere driving efficiency. They are committed to deliver business results at scale with digital innovation programmes. They create value through digital technologies.

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This change can be seen in how most Asia/Pacific Japan (APJ) CIOs are taking on the role of strategic advisor and partner, collaborating with their business counterparts in operations and product development. And with revenue generation becoming an integral part of a CIO’s breadth of responsibilities, it’s clear that technology is taking a leading role in value creation.

More and more businesses today have taken root in a digital business model to serve as their stepping stone towards becoming the enterprise of the future. The Future Enterprise is International Data Corporation’s (IDC) vision of how enterprises should operate and invest to not only achieve measurable business goals and outcomes, but to participate in the new era of digital businesses. This is where forward-thinking organizations will thrive by attracting digital talent, improving enterprise intelligence, scaling digital innovation and more.

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To celebrate and recognize APJ leaders and businesses challenging themselves to become digital businesses, IDC has relaunched the APJ IDC Future Enterprise Awards. Last year’s distinguished winners include companies and individuals such as:

Midea Group (China), Future Enterprise of the Year, deploys AI and advanced digital technologies to enhance its user experience along the end-to-end value chain while providing digital empowerment to all employees and partners to create a flexible and labor To deploy energy- and energy-efficient supply chains. Malayan Insurance Company, Inc. to lead the strategy of the company’s digital transformation program. (Philippines) Maria Beatriz A. Adversalo has been recognized as CIO of the Year in Asia/Pacific, covering web app deployments. Portals, APIs, OCR, RPA, Analytics and Cloud have resulted in increased digital policy issuance premiums, savings in terms of labor and software subscriptions. James Chen of CTBC Bank (Taiwan) has been recognized as the CEO of the Year in Asia/Pacific. His forward-looking leadership strengthened the bank’s digital technology services by investing over TWD7.67 billion to modernize its information core and transform its technology to better serve digital customers. Zweilig Farr MA Holdings Pte. Ltd., Singapore to leverage the Best in Future of Intelligence, Data Analytics to create a data superhighway that will connect all its current and future digital and data solutions. Engaged in a mission to make healthcare more accessible, it builds on three core pillars of service—business excellence, supply chain analytics, and business intelligence—to deliver actionable intelligence and insights. As a result of superior insights and services, the Data Analytics team has secured collaborative projects with over 30 principals and generated over US$8 million in revenue over the past 18 months.

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Entries will be judged against these key capabilities of the Future Enterprise:

Future of TrustThe Future of Industry EcosystemThe Future of OperationsThe Future of WorkThe Future of IntelligenceThe Future of Digital InfrastructureThe Future of ConnectednessThe Future of Customer ExperienceThe Future of Digital InnovationFuture Enterprise of the Year Award

To celebrate the innovative work of individuals and organisations, the Future Enterprise Awards also have categories for:

CEO of the YearCIO/CDO of the YearSpecial Award for Digital ResilienceSpecial Award for Sustainability

This year, to recognize outstanding organizations born in the digital-native era and smart cities projects, IDC will also present special awards to:

Digital Native Business Smart Cities – Best in Connected City Smart Cities – Best in Digital Policies Smart Cities – Best in Citizen Wellbeing

The Future Enterprise Awards will also act as a platform to share best practices of smart cities to aid and accelerate growth in APJ. As smart cities catalyze the digital transformation of urban ecosystems towards systemic environmental, financial and social outcomes, they tap into emerging technologies and innovations to make cities more livable while offering new services and economic opportunities. Are.

Nominations are now open for the awards in various regions—APJ, North America, Europe, and the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey—with entries reviewed by a select panel of judges, IDC analysts, industry thinkers and Education made up of members. Each nomination is first evaluated by IDC’s country and region analysts against a standardized evaluation framework based on IDC’s Future Enterprise Taxonomy. The winners from each country would then qualify for the regional competition.

Visit IDC Future Enterprise Awards to learn more. To submit a nomination, complete this form by June 16, 2023.

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