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Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James Entered The NBA’s health and safety protocols as the league’s system for dealing with COVID-19 reports, citing teammate Anthony Davis, to suggest James is asymptomatic – if confirmed, it could make the case of the fully vaccinated star one of the highest-profile breakthrough infections in the sporting world.

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James, who missed Tuesday’s away game against the Sacramento Kings, is expected to appear in several upcoming games, ESPN informed of Citing unknown sources.

Soon after James was ruled out of Tuesday’s game, TMZ informed of The basketball star had tested positive for Covid-19 – although this has not been officially confirmed.

Lakers coach Frank Vogele Confirmed told reporters that James had entered into the league’s health and safety protocols and added: “Hopefully, this is something that is short-lived. We will see.”

However, Vogel declined to answer any questions about James’ symptoms, according to ESPN.

nba rules Government Order that if a vaccinated player tests positive he is out of competition for at least 10 days or until he has had two negative tests spaced at least 24 hours apart.

Despite LeBron’s absence, the Lakers managed to beat the Kings 117–92, with Anthony Davis scoring 25 points.


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