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The Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James and Pistons center Isaiah Stewart a game and two games respectively after a physical exchange at the free throw line of Sunday night’s Lakers-Pistons game left Stewart bloody and clearly enraged. Gave.

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nba announced suspension Monday night, stating that Stewart was suspended at the same manor as a non-player for “James” for “repeatedly and aggressively stalking”, and James was “inexplicably in the face”. Stewart and starting a court dispute”.

The suspension marks the first of James’ 19-year career, with Sunday’s game being the second ejection of his career.

James and Stewart were battling for a rebounding position during a free throw attempt in the third quarter of Sunday night’s game, when James’ elbow and fist contacted Stewart’s head, causing him excessive bleeding.

After the strike, Stewart was stopped several times by teammates and coaching staff as he attempted to accuse James, who stood at opposite ends of the court.

Thereafter, Stewart was being driven back to his team’s locker room and separated from the stoppers, at which point he made his way back to the court by running through the hallway of Little Caesars Arena to the entrance of the opposite tunnel. Tried.

Both players were ejected in the third quarter for the incident, in which James received a major 2 foul for “unnecessary and excessive contact over the shoulder”, and Stewart was awarded “multiple non-player acts during the brawl”. Two separate technical fouls were received for of sport punch Crew Chief Scott Foster.

Neither James nor Stewart spoke to the media after the incident.


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