Liz Cheney: GOP House member called Trump ‘Orange Jesus’ on day of Jan. 6 attack

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,‘Things we do for Orange Jesus.’ ,

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It’s a line that Rep. Liz Cheney recalled while speaking under her breath to a fellow House Republican, referring to former President Donald Trump on the day of the January 6 Capitol attack.

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Cheney, an outspoken critic of Trump, was giving a speech at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, on Monday night when she shared this colorful anecdote, which was laughed at by the crowd.

Cheney serves as the vice chairman of the bipartisan January 6 select committee, which is investigating the 2021 attack on the US Capitol and presenting evidence that Trump and his supporters instigated the rebellion by promoting false claims that the 2020 The presidential election was stolen.

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On Monday night, Cheney recalled how on January 6, 2021 — hours before hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol complex — she was in the Republican cloakroom, and saw some of her aides stare at a sheet of paper placed on a desk. was signing. Turns out, these were sheets objecting to the outcome of the 2020 presidential election—which was won by President Joe Biden by more than 7 million votes by popular count and 306-232 in the Electoral College. No evidence of widespread election fraud has been found.

“And, while I was sitting there, a member came in, and he signed his name on each sheet,” she said. “And then he said under his breath, ‘The things we do for Orange Jesus.’ And I thought, you know, you’re doing an act that’s unconstitutional.”

Watch a clip here:

The clip has been widely shared on social media, with a tweet from the Republican Accountability Project specifically on Twitter garnering nearly 300,000 views. This prompted “Orange Jesus” to trend on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon as well.

It was a moment of fervor in a speech that condemned many of his fellow Republicans for supporting Trump, despite the evidence for the January 6 rebellion, which the chairman of the January 6 select committee called an attempted coup. As well as recent investigations. In classified documents found at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.

“Those who are protecting Donald Trump – the elected leader of my party – are now ready to denounce FBI agents, Justice Department officials, and pretend they are taking top-secret SCI [sensitive compartmented information] Documents and keeping them in a desk drawer in an office at Mar-a-Lago, or anywhere in an unsafe place, was by no means a problem. They are trying to make excuses for this behaviour,” she said. “Little by excuse, excuse by excuse, we’re putting Donald Trump above the law. We’re making unforgivable conduct normal, legal, and justified—as if he were a king.”

Cheney also said that Trump encourages his supporters to use violence to prevent his prosecution, adding that “it’s hard to see it as anything other than a direct threat to our Constitution, to our republic.” … one can only wonder, is this where the Republican Party will go next? That prosecution [of Trump] Unfair, because MAGA will violently oppose it?”

Wyoming’s large representative recently lost her primary as she sought a fourth term in the House, but there are rumors – and some teasing hints from Cheney – that she could run for president in 2024. Whoever comes next, he has said, “I’m absolutely going to continue this fight” against Trump.

She’ll be building support, like NBC told That he attracted a standing ovation after his American Enterprise Institute speech on Monday. His father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, was in the audience.

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