Despite having viral success on TikTok, Lizzo’s latest single “About Damn Time” hasn’t yet cracked the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, a surprise given that popularity on the app often translates to songs becoming commercial hits.

Key Facts

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“About Damn Time” was released on April 14 and debuted on the Hot 100—which tracks the streams, downloads and radio airplay of songs, three weeks ago at No. 50—before moving to its peak position this week at No. 19.

More than 800,000 videos have been made on TikTok using the song, many of which feature a viral dance to the second verse, apparently created by user @jaedengomezz.

On Spotify, “About Damn Time” garnered over 13 million streams during the week ending May 5, earning it the No. 31 spot on the streaming services’ global top songs chart—the number one song “As It Was” had over 62 million.

Lizzo, who has done the viral dance several times and posted compilations of others doing it, wrote that “y’all got me crying over here” because she’s never had a viral dance to one of her songs before—a clear marker of widespread popularity of a song on TikTok.

Harry Styles’ latest single “As It Was,” which has had 1.7 million videos made on TikTok using the song, has topped both Billboard and Spotify charts this month.

In addition to “As It Was,” only two other song’s in this week’s top 10 had popularity on TikTok: “Stay” by The Kid Laroi and Justin Biever was popular on the app last year, after being released in 2020, and Jack Harlow used the app to tease snippets and garner interest in “First Class” before releasing it last month.