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The Netherlands is set to impose Western Europe’s first COVID-19 lockdown since summer on Friday, According This week is part of a slew of new restrictions across the continent as governments struggle to contain record coronavirus cases, according to multiple news reports.

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Dutch caretaker Prime Minister Mark Root is expected to announce a partial lockdown on Friday evening, news outlets report good, urging people to work from home and ordering non-essential shops, bars and restaurants to close at 7 pm for at least three weeks starting Saturday.

Denmark too restart Citing a surge in cases, its COVID-19 health pass program – which was originally spun off in early September – will require admission to certain locations or programs and immunizations, recovery from the coronavirus or recent Will only show proof of negative test.

Norway announced There are plans to offer a third vaccine dose to all adults on Friday – they are currently only available to seniors – and ask local governments to use digital “corona passes” to control infections while keeping businesses open. Will give option

The rising cases in Czechia, which are approaching record levels, prompted the government to announce plans To test all school children on Friday, while around 14 lakh students will be tested in two waves on November 22 and 29.

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