London’s Heathrow alters 15% of Monday flights for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

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  • Heathrow said it would cut flights to avoid noise during the Queen’s funeral.
  • The funeral is scheduled for Monday, September 19th.
  • Some carriers will cancel several flights to reduce noise during the event.

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London Heathrow Airport will change about 15% of its flights on Monday to avoid noise during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

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“In deference to operations to and from the airport, appropriate changes will be made to avoid noise interference at certain locations at certain times on Monday,” Heathrow said in a statement on Thursday.

British Airways said it would cancel about 50 short-haul flights during the day. The airline said the flight cancellations are occurring on routes it operates multiple flights a day and that it plans to use larger aircraft to accommodate passengers. A spokeswoman said that the carrier does not expect the cancellation of long-haul flights.

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The UK’s busiest airport has said flights will be diverted around Windsor Castle during a private family service.

The airlines have agreed to suspend arrivals and departures from 1140 GMT to 1210 GMT to reduce noise during a quiet moment, and arrivals from 1345 to 1420 during the Queen’s hearse procession. Departure will also be suspended from 15:05 to 16:45 during the solemn procession to Windsor Castle.

Virgin Atlantic also said it would cancel four flights to and from Los Angeles and San Francisco, two on Sunday and two westbound on Monday.

“We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank affected customers for their understanding during this gala event for the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth,” Virgin Atlantic said in a statement.

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