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Los Angeles City Council President Nuri Martinez resigned from her position on Monday afternoon after an audio recording of her making racist remarks about another council member and her young son was leaked online, sparking protests and widespread condemnation.

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According to local station KTLA, Martinez apologized in a statement to those hurt by him, saying that “there are”. no flow for those comments” she made into an audio recording that leaked online on Saturday.

The audio features a conversation between Martinez and other Los Angeles officials about redistribution that takes a turn when they use racist language to ridicule other officers, including a white man, Councilman Mike Bonin, and his 8-year-old black son. We do.

In audio, which was first posted anonymously on the Reddit forum, shared by Los Angeles Times, Martinez is reportedly heard saying that Bonin treats his son like an “assistant” and uses the phrase to describe the young boy.looks like changuitoSpanish for “like a monkey,” and the word “it is black”, which can be used as a derogatory term.

Since the release of the audio, Martinez has faced Call To to resign from all over Los Angeles, including protesters display outside your home And from Bonin, who, along with her husband Sean Arian, said she was “shocked, outraged and absolutely disgusted” by Martinez’s comments. Statement Saturday.

After Los Angeles Times Published an article about the tape on Sunday, Martinez apologized for her comments in a statement, saying she was related On redistribution and “its potentially negative impact on communities of color” and she let her “disappointment and anger” get the best of her.

While the conversation took place a year ago, according to Los Angeles TimesIt only leaked on Saturday, weeks before the November 8 Los Angeles election.

main background

The leaked tape is from a conversation in October 2021 between Martinez, fellow Latino council members Gil Cedillo and Kevin De Leon, and Los Angeles County Federation of Labor President Ron Herrera, and is about redistributionaccording to Los Angeles Times, redistribution, which happens once every ten years, can rework political boundaries and give more political power to certain neighborhoods and voters. Last year, redistribution proposals in Los Angeles were subject to debate about racial equality and representation. While Latino residents make up about half of the city's population, they make up less than a third According to the representatives of the districts of the council, Los Angeles Times,

important quotes

In the audio, Martinez can reportedly be heard complaining that Bonin was a "little bitch" and that she and her husband were raising their child "like a little white baby", adding that "this The kid needs a spanking." He also denounced Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon in the recording, "F*ck that man . . . he's with the blacks."

what we don't know

It is still unclear who tapped and posted the audio, which appears to have been recorded without the knowledge of anyone who may have been heard on file. California is a "two-party consent" state, which means that everyone who is part of a confidential conversation must give their permission to be recorded. Violations of the law may result in charges of criminal misconduct.

'I take responsibility for what I said': Nouri Martinez resigns as LA City Council president amid fallout over racist comments (KTLA)

Racist remarks in leaked audio of LA council members spark outrage, hatred ,Los Angeles Times)