Louisiana’s legislature on Wednesday completed its first successful veto override in decades, as Republicans pushed through a new congressional map Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards shot down for underrepresenting the state’s Black population, leaving just four more states that haven’t drawn maps in this year’s redistricting process.

Key Facts

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The state House voted 72-31 to override Edwards’ veto, while the Senate voted 27-11—just enough in both chambers to reach the two-thirds threshold required for an override.

The new congressional map is extremely similar to the state’s old map, with only one of the six districts having a majority Black population.

Edwards instead wanted a map with two majority-Black districts, which he argued would better represent the nearly one-in-three Louisiana residents who are Black.

The map is expected to face a legal challenge, according to the Advocatemeaning Louisiana could soon join 15 other states where maps have been completed but are in litigation.

Only Maryland, New Hampshire, Florida and Missouri still haven’t at least approved a new map, according to FiveThirtyEight,

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