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LSU announced on Friday it was dropping the requirement for fans to show either proof of COVID vaccination or negative test results to attend games recently at the university’s 102,321-seat football stadium, a requirement of businesses and public entities. A national trend is enforcing strict mandates with strong enforcement.

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LSU was the most powerful college football program ever with a mandate for fans, but its enforcement This season has been excellent during the team’s three home matches so far.

In a statement, LSU cited the decline in Covid spread in Louisiana in recent weeks, noting that test positivity rates are now less than 5% and hospitalizations have dropped by 80% over the past seven weeks.

According to CDCThe state is still considered to be in the highest category for risk of COVID transmission, with 62 of its 64 parishes having “high” or “substantial” prevalence.

The mask requirement has also been removed for outdoor areas of the stadium including seats.

LSU’s next home match will be at the University of Florida on October 16.

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Dr. Katherine O’Neill, chief medical officer of Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, said, “The game is not over. This virus will grow again, and Louisiana must be prepared to be vaccinated before it comes back again.” ” , said in a statement.

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46%. What part of Louisiana’s population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 Mayo Clinic. This is the sixth lowest rate of any state in the country.

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LSU’s move is in the complete opposite direction of a national trend for greater mandates and stronger enforcement. Several businesses such as United Airlines, UPS and Walgreens have recently placed vaccine mandates for at least some employees, and many more businesses are set to begin implementing the mandates in the coming weeks and months. There was an early adoption of a vaccine mandate for LSU fans when its need was announced on August 24, but it has become more common in the sports world. At least four NFL teams, including the nearby New Orleans Saints, require fans to show proof of vaccination or negative test results. For the upcoming NBA season, the mandate will apply to at least half of the league’s arenas.

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President Joe Biden announced Last month that the federal government plans to create guidelines for employees of all businesses with more than 100 workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or submitted for weekly testing. The impact of the new rules will be on about eight crore employees of the private sector. Vaccine mandates implemented so far have been met with heavy compliance, with most businesses and government bodies reporting vaccination rates among workers have increased by more than 90% before the mandates came into force.

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