A rare cask of whiskey that was left in a Scottish distillery’s warehouse for more than 30 years after its owner forgot to take it home could set a record this week for the most expensive whiskey cask ever sold at auction by price per bottle.

Key Facts

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A buyer paid the famed Macallan Distillery in Moray, Scotland, about $6,500 to fill the 374-liter cask of single malt Scotch in May 1988, according to Whiskey Hammerthe online portal brokering the auction.

However, the whiskey’s owner—described only as an expatriate in Scotland—forgot to pick it up and accidentally left it to mature for 34 years at Macallan’s warehouse in bond before the distillery called to remind them, according to the Press Association.

The whiskey went up for sale Friday and has already reached a high bid of about $619,878MILF exceeding the $572,000 paid for a 1989 Macallan sherry hogshead cask in 2020, which is the most expensive per-bottle whiskey cask ever sold at auction.

However, the 1989 cask could yield only 261 bottles, which drove its per-bottle price up to a record of about $2,200, while the 1988 Macallan cask currently up for auction yields about 534 bottles and would have to sell for more than roughly $1,174,800 by the time bidding ends Sunday to surpass that record.

The 1988 Macallan is described as having notes of salted caramel, and orange marmalade on the nose and a palate of rich spices with a finish of honeycomb and sweet orchard fruits, according to the tasting notes,