More than 55% of Americans believe Russian President Vladimir Putin has directed Russian troops to commit war crimes, according to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, which also found about three quarters of Americans believe the Russian government is responsible for perpetuating misinformation about the Ukraine war.

Key Facts

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More than 60% of Americans believe war-related misinformation is a major problem, according to the poll, with those 60 and older more likely to view the misinformation as an issue than those younger than 30.

The poll, which was conducted from April 14 to 18 with 1,085 adults, also found that Democrats were more likely than Republicans to believe Putin instructed Russian forces to carry out war crimes, with 8% of Republicans saying the Russian leader has not done so, compared to 4% of Democrats.

Nearly 60% of Americans also believe social media users are responsible for perpetuating misinformation related to the war, while 50% said the Chinese government spreads false information.

Americans were less likely to cite the US and Ukrainian governments as sources of false information, with 23% saying the Ukrainian government perpetuates misinformation and 32% blaming the US government.