Man dies due to GPS failure after being taken towards broken bridge

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For most people, using the GPS system in their car or on their phone is a common, daily occurrence.

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But for one North Carolina man, relying on his GPS system resulted in a disastrous mistake that cost his life.

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On September 30, Phil Paxson was on his way home from his daughter’s birthday party on an allegedly stormy night in Hickory, North Carolina, when his GPS system led him to a bridge.

Paxson’s mother-in-law wrote on Facebook, “He was following his GPS, which led him to a bridge on a concrete road that had fallen into a river. The bridge was destroyed 9 years ago and never repaired.” done.” “It lacked any barriers or warning signs to prevent the death of a 47-year-old father of two daughters. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends. It was a completely preventable accident.”

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Paxon’s wife also posted on her Facebook page, saying she wanted to “tell people what a great tragedy this is.”

According to incident reports, barricades were put up to warn drivers not to drive through the area, but people had been complaining for “years” about how badly it needed to be repaired.

The road is private, meaning that the North Carolina Department of Transportation cannot actively repair it, as it is not considered a public ground.

“In North Carolina, counties do not maintain roads. In general, owners of private roads attached to subdivisions may be subdivision developers, a homeowners association, or property owners in the subdivision,” reported the WCNC of North Carolina.

According to Cycraig, more than 200,000 accidents are caused by GPS devices each year.

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