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An appeals court said Wednesday that Justice Department investigators can review nearly 100 classified documents taken from Mar-a-Lago, even as the court-appointed special master screen most of the records seized, former One blow for President Donald Trump and one blow for another. Overturning a lower court’s decision that barred the DOJ from using the record.

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A three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals partially overturned District Court Judge Eileen Cannon’s early September ruling that barred the DOJ from accessing seized Mar-a-Lago records, when Unless a specialized master can review them.

The appellate court accepted the DOJ’s request to exclude about 100 records classified from the Special Master’s review.

Trump’s legal team has suggested that he may have declassified the material as a president, but Trump “opposed to providing any evidence,” the appeals court’s panel of judges — which included two Trump appointees and one. Obama appointees were involved – noted in his decision.

The appellate court also said the declassification argument is a “red herring” because even though Trump may have declassified some or all of the documents, it would not explain why Trump has a personal interest in them.

main background

FBI agents confiscated pieces of government documents from Trump's Mar-a-Lago club last month—some of which were classified—in terms of whether Trump and his staff violated federal recordkeeping and obstruction laws. part of the investigation. Trump's legal team asked Cannon to prevent the DOJ from reviewing all documents until a special master could screen them for executive and attorney-client privileges, a request that Cannon granted, according to the role. Appointed former Judge Raymond Deary. Even though the DOJ has argued that a particular master is unnecessary, its appeal — filed after Canon refused to modify its order — focused solely on excluding classified documents from the review process. Federal officials say the government needs access to the documents so that it can more fully assess "potential unauthorized disclosure of classified records." Trump's lawyers argued against excluding classified documents from the Special Master's review and noted that while Trump had the power to declassify material while in office, he did not actually claim that he declassified them. , adding that it could damage his defense if Trump were to be charged.

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