About 300 people were killed after the Russian attack on a drama theater in Mariupol—which appeared to be clearly marked with the Russian word for “children” in white lettering—the Mariupol City Council said Friday, citing eyewitness reports.

Key Facts

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The Mariupol City Council wrote in a Telegram post the theater had become a shelter for hundreds of residents ahead of the March 16 bombing, though Lyudmyla Denisova, the Ukrainian parliament’s commissioner for human rights, put the number as high as 1,300 civilians sheltering in the building.

Ukrainian officials have previously said about 130 survivors had been pulled from the rubble, leaving hundreds of others unaccounted for.

Forbes could not independently verify the death toll, and it is unclear how witnesses calculated the figures.

On Friday, the New York Times verified a video posted to Telegram, which appears to be the first video showing dozens of survivors covered in dust and debris inside of the damaged theater trying to escape.

It is unclear what date the footage was filmed, according to the Times,


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