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The Court of Master Sommeliers is set to expel six members following an investigation into America 22, one of whom was accused of sexual assault. new York Times Story Last year, the organization announced Wednesday.

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NS Times Spoke with 21 female attendants who said they had been sexually abused, harassed or assaulted by a male master sommelier.

According to the statement, the story prompted the Sommeliers Association to hire outside investigators to corroborate the claims, who found that the six men made “inappropriate comments and flirtations ranging from non-consensual touching and an alleged quid pro quo.” Demonstrated behavior ranging from “exploiting a mentoring relationship”.

Among those the organization is seeking to expel is Fred Demme, co-founder of the group’s America branch and 2012 subject. document, Mon.

There will be a hearing on termination of membership of six men within thirty days.

There were at least 11 master sommeliers Suspended Following the allegations, however, Wednesday’s statement said the findings of the investigation lead to no further action and that some members have been removed from suspension.

Entire Board of Directors of the Group resigned Following Times report good.

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