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Second longest winning streak in Danger! History ended on Monday, with Matt Amodio — a Yale University doctoral student who attributes his trivia success partly to Wikipedia — losing after 38 consecutive wins and more than $1.5 million in cash. .

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Emodio came third on Monday’s show, after failing to correctly answer the final threatening question about World War II-era Austria.

amodio leaves Danger! More than a week after surpassing James Holzhauer’s 32-game winning streak from 2019, Amodio’s longevity on the show came second only to Ken Jennings, who achieved a unmatched 74 wins in 2004.

He will also walk away with $1,518,601 in prize money, the third-largest haul from regular-season play in history. Danger! behind Jennings ($2,520,700) and Holzauer ($2,462,216).

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amodio will be back Danger! For the show’s Tournament of Champions, a Competition for the high-profile ex Danger! contestants, Sony Pictures Entertainment said in a press release. some famous Danger! Alumni have significantly increased their earnings through tournaments and specials of the show. Jennings has earned over $4 million from regular-season and tournament games, and Brad Rutter has won over $4.9 million since he first appeared on the show in 2000 (Rutter is not in the middle). Danger!top-earning regular-season winner, possibly because the show had limited contestants to five days until 2003).

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One ohio native, Amodio holds a Ph.D. computer science student in Yale. is amodio described History as one of his favorite subjects, and pop culture is a blind spot that he tried to fix by reading TMZ, he told Vulture. He also drew wisdom from his tendency to “fall into Wikipedia’s holes”, he said in an interview.

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Amodio’s winning streak is many temporary Danger! The host reflects on a challenging year for the game show anchored by Alex Trebek for decades. After several months of guest-hosted shows following Trebek’s 2020 death, Sony selected executive producer Mike Richards to serve as primary host. Danger! two months ago. Richards quickly left the show after the sports site the ringer Published objectionable excerpts from a podcast he hosted earlier. Jennings and Miam Bialik – who were initially selected to host Primetime Danger! special – will stand as interim host until the end of the year, Sony said last month.

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Danger! Still earns pretty strong ratings. The show averaged 8.9 million total viewers during the week, with Amodio surpassing $1 million in winnings at the end of September, beating other syndicated game shows like it. family Feud And wheel of FortuneAccording to Nielsen data.

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