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Matthew McConaughey does not support compulsory immunization against COVID-19 for children and has yet to vaccinate some of his children, he said new York Times On Tuesday, the actor publicly weighed in on a race for political office — a gamble he said he was taking seriously.

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McConaughey told Times at its dealbook summit that his children have not yet been vaccinated, and that he still does not support compulsory vaccination for young children, saying that he “still wants to”.[s] To get more information”(federal health officer says coronavirus vaccine side effects are rare, including children between the ages of 5 and 11 who became eligible for Pfizer’s vaccine last week).

The actor and his wife are vaccinated against the coronavirus, partly because their 90-year-old mother has a weakened immune system and faces a higher risk from COVID-19.

some of McConaughey’s big kids Vaccination is also done, Times it is said.

McConaughey – who has indicated for months that he is making a run for Texas governor – did not clarify his future political plans, but he insisted Times His interest in politics is sincere: “If I’m teasing it… I’m teasing myself,” he said.

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