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NS Houston furniture store owner and notorious sports beater Jim ‘Mattress Mack’ McKingvale will receive a historic $35.6 million payout if his hometown of the Houston Astros wins the World Series.

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In June, McKingvale Condition $3.25 million on the Astros to win the World Series on four different sportsbooks, including a $2 million bet on the William Hill app owned by Caesars Sportsbook.

McIngvale’s total payout at the stake would be $35.6 million, and $22 million would be McIngvale’s win on William Hill’s bet, reportedly the largest single payout on a bet in American history, according to Action Network.

high stakes Huh Partly to offset the financial burden of the promotion, McKingvale moves to its Galley furniture store, in which customers who spent more than $3,000 on mattresses if they win the Astros World Series get their money back.

He estimates the mattress discount promotion will cost him $20 million, meaning he would have a net profit of $15.6 million with the Astros win.

McKingvale throws the ceremony out first pitch A 6-1 win in the first game of the American League Division Series, ahead of the Astros’ first playoff game on Thursday.

The Astros currently have the second best odds of winning the World Series on Caesars Sportsbook.

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Kaiser Sportsbook’s Vice President of Business, Craig Muklow said Las Vegas Review-Journal, “Whatever Houston is playing, we’re going to be massive fans for the next few weeks. The size of that bet will make every other selection a winner. As long as it’s not Houston, we’re happy.”

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$2.72 million. McIngvale won $2.72 million at Super Bowl bets this February. His $3.46 million bet to cover a 3.5 point spread over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was the biggest in the game.

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