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McDonald’s announced Thursday’s small-scale rollout of a new plant-based burger developed with Beyond Meat dubbed “McPlant” at eight locations across the United States starting next month prompted a jump in Beyond Meat’s shares as the fast- Food chains compete for stronger meat alternatives. .

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Starting November 3, McPlant will be available for a limited time at trial locations including Cedar Falls, Iowa; Irving and Carrollton, Texas; Jennings and Lake Charles, Louisiana; El Segundo and Manhattan Beach, Calif.

The meatless patty will include peas, rice, potatoes and other ingredients and is served with typical burger fare such as tomatoes and American cheese crumbs on sesame seed bread.

The press release indicated the possibility of “future MacPlant availability updates” based on tests, but did not provide further details.

beyond meat stocks Rose 3.4% on Thursday after the news was released.

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43%. How much have plant-based food sales increased in the last two years? According to Plant Based Food Association

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McDonald’s has already tested MacPlant overseas, most recently in the United Kingdom, but also in Sweden, Denmark, Austria and the Netherlands. McPlant was first announced last November, and McDonald’s partnership with Beyond Meat was announced in February. It’s the latest in a steady build-up of meatless options pioneered by other fast-food chains, from the rollout of White Castle’s Impossible Burger Sliders in 2018 to the Burger King debut of Impossible Whoppers in 2019. just last week, Burger King Said it will test meatless nuggets by Impossible Foods at multiple locations in the US

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