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The Consumer Price Index rose 6.2% in October compared to the same month a year ago – the fastest pace in 30 years –statistics The Bureau of Labor Statistics showed Wednesday, and here are the most important growth items driving the boom.

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The energy index rose 30% over the previous year, the price of used cars and trucks climbed 26.4%, and beef was up 20.1%.

The price of salad dressings rose 7.7%, fats and oils rose 7.6% and peanut butter rose 6%.

Home furnishings became more expensive: the price of furniture for the living room, kitchen and dining increased by 13.1% and that of bedroom furniture by 11.8%.

Laundry equipment prices increased by 14.9% and TVs by 10.4%.

Travel costs were higher, with car and truck rental prices increasing by 39.1% and hotel and motel accommodations up by 25.5%.

The price of jewelry was up 7.5%.

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