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Meghan Markle said on Tuesday that paid leave is a “humanitarian” issue, as she petitioned US politicians last week to vote for paid family leave using her royal title “Duchess of Sussex” , despite the fact that members of the British royal family have traditionally remained neutral on politics.

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Markle has accepted the new York Times, dealbook summit That among the family of her husband, Prince Harry, there is a “job” of “having no involvement in politics”, but Markle said, “Paid leave, from my point of view, is just a human issue.”

markle submitted an open letter Last month Congress urged lawmakers to vote in favor of family leave and last week called on Republican lawmakers for their support, all using his royal title,

british paper Time The report said a Buckingham Palace aide complained about Markle’s advocacy, “the royal family has no authority in American politics,” and members of the royal family for using their titles in relation to politics. are “obvious”, otherwise their title would be “out of context” and “people would question” used [their]

Ally also said that there is a difference between “campaigning on ‘issues’ such as the environment and mental health” and “aligning herself with policies”, and that Markle does not “right” to have a “more powerful voice”. . Mothers in America.

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