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Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said Thursday that the city will create a digital wallet for its residents to withdraw a “bitcoin yield” directly from the city’s cryptocurrency, MiamiCoin, as a dividend, as part of its plans to become a cryptocurrency capital. is as part.

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Speaking with CoinDeskTV first initiator, suarezzo said Miami will “yield a bitcoin” from MiamiCoin as a dividend to its residents, who will receive a digital wallet from the city.

Since the launch of MiamiCoin in August, the digital token has generated more than $21 million for the city, which at this pace would generate about a fifth of the city’s annual tax revenue, he said.

Suarez hoped that “at one point” down the road, his city could run “without taxes”, echoing his previous statements. Result of MiamiCoin.

Earlier this month, Suarez tweeted that he would take his next paycheck “100% in bitcoin” – his office reported Businesshala On Thursday Meyer is paid in dollars, which are “instantly converted to bitcoin” through an application.

Paying Government Employees in Bitcoin Was His Top preferenceSuarez told Businesshala Technology last month, saying he wanted to allow Miami residents to pay their fees in bitcoin.

According to Businesshala, Florida law prohibits local governments from holding volatile assets.


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