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Michael Cohen, once former President Trump’s personal lawyer, was being sentenced to prison in 2018 and now one of his biggest critics claimed Sunday that Trump would not run again in 2024, the former president losing the 2020 election. Since then something has been teased.

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Cohen, who last week officially served three years in prison and sentenced to home imprisonment for committing tax fraud, breaking campaign finance laws and lying to Congress, said meet the Press That running for office would ruin Trump’s “big gift” – potentially the ability to rake in donations from supporters under the guise of running again.

Cohen claimed that many of Trump’s supporters are donating to him because of a “big lie” – Trump’s false claim that the 2020 election was “stolen” from him.

If Trump loses in 2024, “which he will,” Cohen said, “what happens to the big lie? He can’t be like the guy who cried wolf… and his money’s gone.”

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