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Movie studio Miramax said on Tuesday that it is suing actor and director Quentin Tarantino over his plans to issue “exclusive scenes” non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. pulp Fiction, citing copyright and trademark infringement and breach of contract, and setting the stage for a fight to get the rights to release the film NFT.

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In a lawsuit filed in federal court in California, Miramax said it had previously sent a cease-and-desist letter to Tarantino asking him to stop its plans to sell. pulp Fiction NFT, but Tarantino instead “accelerated and expanded” his plans.

According to the complaint, Miramax alleged that Tarantino kept his plans to release NFTs of the film a secret from the studio, while the studio owned most of the rights to the film.

The studio claims that Tarantino signed “almost all of his rights” to the film, including the right to sell, to Miramax in 1993. pulp Fiction Adjectives and Secrets.

Miramax said it is seeking compensation from Tarantino for damages, and has brought the lawsuit to “enforce, protect and protect” his “intellectual property rights” and protect his copyrights from other Miramax affiliates. who believe that “they have the right to pursue similar deals.”

Tarantino’s lawyer, in response to Miramax’s earlier cease-and-desist letter, stated that he was within his rights to release NFTs under the right of “screenplay publishing”, possibly a fight to include NFT rights in contracts. According to the pre-dated technology, which will install Hollywood Reporter,

Businesshala Tarantino’s lawyers have been reached for comment.

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