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Miss Universe beauty pageant winner Andrea Meza said on Wednesday that the next edition of the pageant in Israel should not be politicised, as contestants are under pressure to set aside their hopes for the crown and boycott the event. Solidarity with the Palestinians.

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Meja, a 27-year-old who represents Mexico, said NS The Associated Press She wouldn’t blame the women who boycotted this year’s pageant, but said she had no problem with it being held in Israel, adding that “it’s about embracing other women.”

Palestinian activist groups such as PACBI, a founder Member The movement called for a cultural and educational boycott on Israel, calling on contestants to “do no harm to our struggle for freedom, justice and equality by stepping away from the pageant”.

Meja will hand over the crown in December when the 70th Miss Universe pageant takes place in Eilat, Israel.

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