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In the wake of the January 6 Capitol riots, Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell sought to dissuade then-President Donald Trump from the inauguration of Joe Biden over concerns that he would disrupt the peaceful transition to power, According For an upcoming book, ABC News reporter Jonathan Carl outlines the frayed relationship between Trump and the Senate minority leader.

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After the January 6 riots, McConnell planned to write a letter to four congressional leaders informing Trump that they would not be welcome at Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration, according to Carl’s book. Betrayal: The Trump Show’s Final Act,

McConnell reportedly “felt he could not give Trump another chance to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power,” Carl wrote.

According to the book, the plan was reportedly scrapped by Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy, who opposed the idea and felt “it would be an important message of unity” for Trump to participate.

According to Carl, McCarthy warned the White House about McConnell’s plan, prompting Trump to pre-tweet his decision not to attend the ceremony.

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