MKB-Amsterdam announces February ‘Product of the Month’ winners; Nominees for the March Chosen by Bass Beekman | silicon canals

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Image credit: MKB-Amsterdam

MKB-Amsterdam, an interest group that supports entrepreneurial interests in the Amsterdam region, announced the winners of the February product at the Oranjekerk during the monthly MKB-Amsterdam Boreel.

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February’s “Product of the Month” Winner

Nova (No Waste), a company founded by Josetta and Joyce, has won the jury prize.

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Nova makes jewelery out of gold and silver recycled from old telephones.

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The founders collaborated with Closing the Loop, an organization that collects old mobile phones in Africa to reduce electronic waste. For every piece of jewelry sold by Nova, Closing the Loop collects discarded phones from Africa.

Jury chair Bert Bos called their idea ‘a fairy tale that has become a reality’ and said their product is ‘ripe for international roll-out’ and that it represents ‘Amsterdam at its best’.

Kumasi, a startup that develops a variety of natural and nutritious beverages from cocoa byproducts, has won the Audience Award.

Using the pulp of cocoa beans that would normally be thrown away, Kumasi make a delicious tropical soft drink. MKB-Amsterdam says this not only reduces waste but also generates additional revenue for cocoa farmers in Ghana and Ivory Coast.

March: Product of the Month nominees

In addition to the winners of the Product of the Month for February, MKB-Amsterdam has also announced the nominees for the (Digital) Product of the Month for March.

The nomination was made this month by Bas Beekman, program manager at Startup Amsterdam.

The nominees are:

climate protector

Climate Savers is a green cashback platform that leverages consumer and employee discount programs to help make going-green affordable.

When a Climate Savers user purchases a sustainable, zero-emission company or brand, they are eligible to receive cashback rewards for every EUR, GBP, USD and CAN spent.

Once savings reach 20 (EUR, GBP, USD, CAN), users can choose to transfer the funds back to their account or redeem them for rebates offered by Climate Savers on the platform.

The company says that this not only benefits the wallet of the users but also contributes to the protection of the environment.


Peddler’s mission is to transform every local retailer into a searchable and salable omni-channel marketplace.

Through the platform, users can order their favorite products from local retailers and get them delivered on the same day via a safe and eco-friendly delivery service.

skills lab

Skilllab started with a focus on the integration of refugees into European labor markets and has evolved to assist all job seekers who would benefit from career support.

The company’s solution enables employment services and training providers to provide skill-based career orientation remotely and at scale.

Its mobile solution allows people to identify their skill sets and connect them with education and employment opportunities.


Eevere provides SMEs with a sustainability platform designed to promote sustainable practices.

The platform works through a set of questions that generate a roadmap highlighting opportunities to increase sustainability within the company, and how to effectively and efficiently implement these opportunities.

Tracks each company’s sustainability score and the progress made following the application of its recommendations.

The platform also provides a great tool for sharing this information with customers, suppliers and employees.

SME Amsterdam VoteImage credit: ginsanders/DepositPhotosVote for your favorite product

Already selected your favorite product?

Cast your vote here. You can vote until Thursday, March 30, 2023.

The winner will be announced during the SME Drinks on Monday, 3 April.

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