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Moderna is expected to launch a new COVID booster that shoots this fall that targets both the original coronavirus strain and the Omron version after promising early results from clinical trials, the company said on Wednesday. Announced, as public health officials, scientists and pharmaceutical firms all move to anticipate COVID-19. What will it look like in the future?

Key Facts

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Preliminary results of a study testing Moderna’s bivalent COVID-19 vaccine—a type of vaccine with two different targets, in this case the original coronavirus strain and the Omicron version—suggest in 437 people that it is more “against forms of anxiety.” provides “durable protection”. Chief Executive Stefan Bansel said.

Moderna said a single dose of the bivalent booster caused an eight-fold jump in levels of omicron-specific “neutralizing” antibodies — which can target the virus and prevent it from replicating — compared to those who didn’t receive the booster. Modern said.

Compared to the booster dose of Moderna’s original vaccine formula, the bivalent booster provoked higher levels of neutralizing antibodies against both Omicron and the original strain a month after getting the shot, the firm said.

Levels of binding antibodies – which bind to the virus and flag the immune system to combat it – for forms of concern such as alpha, beta, gamma, delta and omicron were “significantly higher” even in those who received the bivalent booster. Versus the original shot, Moderna said.

Bansel said the results mark “an innovation in the fight against Covid” and that the shot, codenamed mRNA-1273.214, is Moderna’s “prime candidate for the 2022 fall booster.”

Moderna said it plans to submit the data to regulators for review “in the coming weeks” and will report additional data long after the boosters are given later in the summer.