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Moderna’s new COVID-19 booster shot, which aims to protect against the original coronavirus and the Omicron strain, also produces a strong antibody response against the two rapidly spreading Omicron subvariants, according to clinical research. information Released on Wednesday, as the company aims to offer the new shot in August in anticipation of another potential wave of COVID infections caused by the highly infectious Omicron strains.

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Preliminary clinical data results from Moderna’s bivalent COVID vaccine – a type of vaccine with two distinct targets, the original coronavirus strain and the Omicron variant – suggesting that it may be an antidote against the Omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5. Provides “Powerful” Antibody Response, Company Told Wednesday.

Moderna said the bivalent booster caused a more than five-fold jump in levels of the Omicron subvariant-specific neutralizing antibody — which can target the virus and prevent it from replicating — one month after receiving the 50 microgram dose, Modern said.

The news comes two weeks after data released by Moderna showed that the original Omron version and one month after receiving the same booster shot provided stronger protection against the original COVID strain.

The shot did not provide significantly stronger protection against subvariants BA.4 and BA.5 than the BA.1 subvariant, but data suggests that the booster may provide “lasting protection against the entire family of Omicron variants”, The company said in a press conference, according to Reuters,

Moderna’s chief medical officer Paul Burton said the booster could be a “turning point” in the “fight against Covid”, Reuters reported.

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