Money management and cleaning ‘among tasks people are most likely to put off’

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One survey found that more than half (51%) of people admit that they procrastinate rather than work on tasks that need to be done.

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Nearly one in five (18%) people surveyed admitted to having stopped managing their finances, while a quarter (25%) delayed cleaning their home.

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According to research by NatWest, seeing a dentist (18%) or a doctor (17%) or meeting with friends (17%) were also among the tasks most likely to be avoided by people.

Watching TV, scrolling through social media and taking naps were one of the ways people used to distract themselves.

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Of the 2,000 people surveyed for NatWest, nearly two-thirds (64%) said they have a daily routine that rarely changes.

People also typically estimate that they spend about four hours per day working on “autopilot”—doing the same routines every day, such as eating the same breakfast and taking the same commute to work.

NatWest has teamed up with Entrepreneur & Dragons’ Den star Steven Bartlett to help people reach their goals, set goals, start a business, and manage personal finances with a set of motivational videos.

Diary of a CEO podcast host said that “taking that first step” can be tough, adding: “The Money Motivation Series aims to help anyone set their goals and take the first step toward achieving their goals.” – whatever happens.”

NatWest CEO Alison Rose said: “Everyone experiences different challenges and obstacles in life. But we hope that Steven’s inspiring story and inspiring personality can help people set their own goals and strive for them. are – whatever they may be.”

According to NatWest, here are the top 10 goals that people want to achieve, but haven’t yet:

1. Learn a New Skill or Craft

2. Travel the world

3. Start a New Career

4. Learn to play an instrument

5. Start Investing

6. Reign friendship

7. Write a Book

8. Research Family Tree

9. Start a Business

10. Go back to education/retrain

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