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A second protective order was issued this week against flamboyant Star Ezra Miller, Daily Beast told Thursday, two months after the actor was arrested twice in Hawaii for disorderly conduct, harassment and allegedly throwing a chair at someone.

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According to the Daily Beast, an unnamed Massachusetts 12-year-old was given a temporary harassment prevention order Wednesday against Miller, 29, who viewed a copy of the signed order and spoke with the child, his mother and a neighbor. Everyone was present for a conversation with Miller.

In February, Miller—who lives in nearby Vermont—visited another neighbor’s home in Greenfield, Massachusetts, and had a verbal dispute with the child’s mother and neighbor, the neighbor told the Daily Beast.

Miller, reportedly armed with a gun, praised the child, hugged and followed him on Instagram during the incident, with the child telling the Daily Beast, “It was really uncomfortable.”

The parents of 18-year-old activist Takota Iron Eyes, who met Miller when they were 12 and Miller was 23, were given a protective order against the actor last week, accusing the actor of “psychologically was charged with manipulating, physically intimidating and endangering the safety and welfare of their child”. Los Angeles Times,

One of Takota’s parents, Chase, told Iron Eyes Times Last week he and the court “have no clue of where Takota and Ezra are,” and cannot serve a plea to Miller, alleging that Miller had “cult-like and psychologically manipulative”. , controlling behavior”.

Forbes Miller has reached out to representatives for comment.

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