Authorities in Transnistria, a Moscow-backed breakaway region of Moldova that borders Ukraine, reported two explosions on Tuesday morning, the second instance of violence reported in as many days amid fears the region could be dragged into Russia’s war with Ukraine.

Key Facts

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Transnistria’s interior ministry said the explosions targeted a broadcasting center in the village of Mayak near the border with Ukraine.

The blasts knocked down two powerful radio antennae that rebroadcast Russian radio in the region, which is supported by Russia but not recognized internationally, the ministry said in a statement.

There were no injuries among employees or local residents, the ministry added, sharing images of the towers lying on the ground.

The incident follows a series of explosions in the regional capital of Tiraspol on Monday, when officials said offices housing the state security ministry were attacked with a grenade launcher.

Ukraine’s defense ministry described the attack as a “planned provocation” by Russia and Moldova’s government said the incident was intended to further destabilize the region.