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Santa Fe County District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altweiss denied claims made by attorneys last week War The shooting of Armourer’s Hannah Gutierrez-Reid, in which Alec Baldwin shot and killed cinematographer Helena Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza, was an act of sabotage during a interview with abc news,

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Carmack-Altweiss stated that there was no evidence that the ammunition was placed in the form of any sort of sabotage on the set, calling the notion a “conspiracy theory”.

She also said that there is still no answer as to how the ammunition ended up on the set, and that more live rounds have been discovered.

The DA echoed claims made last month that it would not charge anyone until an investigation was completed by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department, which she said could take months.

Baldwin “didn’t know” when he shot, Carmack-Altweiss said, confirming the testimony in police affidavits, and because of this the investigation is focusing on the events that happened to him. War set before shooting.

Carmack-Altweiss said that officers are also looking into how much experience Gutierrez-Reid had as a shield and whether she was qualified to keep that job, adding that Gutierrez-Reid from a second interview with detectives Will pass

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