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More than 10,000 union workers at agricultural manufacturer Deere & Company, also known as John Deere, went on strike Thursday morning after union members rejected a new wage offer by the company, the United Auto Workers Union. . announced, is one of a series of recent high-profile strikes as workers gain more amid widespread labor shortages.

important facts

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Union members living at Deere plants in Iowa, Illinois and Kansas went on strike at midnight Thursday.

“Deer workers are striking for their ability to live a decent life, retire with dignity, and establish fair work rules,” Chuck Browning, head of the UAW’s Department of Agriculture Implementation, said in a statement.

Strike after 90% of eligible employees voted against A proposed contract that would give workers 5% and 6% immediately, with further increases in 2023 and 2025.

Workers empowered for better contracts amid nationwide labor shortage, Associated Press reports, And this Des Moines Register notes Company managers previously told the publication that they were struggling to keep workers.

Last time Deer employees went on strike 1986MILF K Joe register The report lasted 163 days, and CNN reports The walkout is the largest private sector strike in the US since General Motors employees went on strike in 2019.

Deere & Co have said they will keep their plants running along with other employees despite the strike.

important quotes

UAW Area 8 Director Michelle Smith said in a statement, “Strikes on workers or their families are never easy, but John Deere workers believe they can get the better share of the pie, a safe workplace and substantial benefits.” deserves.”

chief critic

Brad Morris, Deere & Company’s vice president of labor relations, said, “We are determined to reach an agreement with UAW that will place every worker in a better economic position and make them the highest-paid workers in the agriculture and construction industries.” Will continue.” , said in a statement, the company “will continue to work day and night” to resolve the strike.

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$5.7 to $5.9 billion. How Much Will Deere & Company Executives Make in Profit This Year? register reports, which will be 63% higher than the company’s previous highest earning year.

main background

Deere strike comes after union workers Kellogg’s The union went on strike in early October, which is still ongoing, and union workers that manufacture Oreo and other Nabisco products. went on strike This summer until the end of September. Film and television crew members and behind-the-scenes workers also threatened to go on strike on Monday if a deal is not reached with producers, which could halt film and television production across the country. 60,000 workers leave work.


The outbreak of labor strikes comes as employers have become desperate to attract and retain workers amid a nationwide labor shortage, giving workers more power to demand better conditions. That being said, CNN notes According to data from the US Department of Labor, the number of strikes is actually lower in 2019 than in the same period, as wages have improved overall to keep employees satisfied.

United Auto Workers on strike in Deere for the first time in 35 years after rejecting the proposed contract (Des Moines Register)

John Deere employees on strike after rejecting wage settlement (CNN)

Majority of Deer workers reject tractor manufacturer’s contract offer (The Associated Press)