More than half of shoppers ‘have sold purchases on rather than returning them’

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One survey found that more than half (51%) of shoppers have opted to resell themselves rather than return unwanted purchases to the store.

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According to research by Barclaycard Payments, the top reasons for reselling include making it easier for people to make a return than they want, missing the return window, giving unwanted items “a new lease of life” and wanting to help the environment.

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The payment provider also launched a survey of 400 retailers in October, with more than half (56%) seeing a drop in return rates in the past year.

Retailers blame the change for consumers to shop more thoughtfully, shop less because of the cost of living woes, and make more environmentally friendly choices.

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Nearly half (47%) of shoppers surveyed said they are using more sustainable shopping methods over the past year, some using it to help manage their finances and reduce spending amid rising living costs. See it as a way.

Shopping like this can be an efficient way to access affordable products and services

A third (32%) said that shopping through more sustainable options has helped them access products that are typically outside their price range.

Two out of five (40%) retailers surveyed said they now offer the rental option, with 61 percent of them launching the service in the past year.

Designer clothing and handbags were previously among the most popular items available to rent or buy used ones.

Linda Weston, Head of Product, Barclaycard Payments, said: “Whether renting or buying, recycling through community groups, or selling pre-loved items on a resale platform – our data shows that more sustainable shopping choices are increasingly being made. are becoming popular.

“Shopping this way can be an efficient way to access affordable products and services, which is especially important as the cost of living goes up.”

Around 2,000 buyers were surveyed in October.

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