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Manhattan Offices Will Be Quiet in 2022, According to One Survey A number of employers released Wednesday with several financial services firms expected to permanently move jobs out of New York City.

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A survey of “major employers” from the Partnership for New York City, an economic development group, found that 22% of financial services firms plan to reduce their workforce in New York City over the next five years, the most for any industry. is the highest part.

Overall, 13% of respondents said they expect the city to reduce their workforce.

More than a third of companies expect to reduce the size of their office space in the next five years, including 86% of accounting firms, 43% of public relations businesses and 38% of tech companies.

Some 80% of employers believe the COVID-19 pandemic will result in permanent changes to their remote work policies, with 47% expecting their workers to be away for more than three days a week after the pandemic ends .

As of January, employers still expect less than half of employees (49%) to be in the office on an average workday, with only 13% of employees expected to work a full, five-day week at the office by then.

The survey, conducted from October 19 to October 29, found that 28% of Manhattan office workers were physically present on the average workday, but 54% were still completely away.

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