MoS Review: Fee Free Student Banking

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When it comes to banking, many of us feel lucky if we can avoid paying fees. But college students looking for a banking experience that is moving them more actively toward their financial goals may be hard pressed to find a good option.

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This is where Moss comes into the limelight. The platform offers a positive banking experience, with ample opportunities for college students to make the most of their funds.

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If you’re looking for a new type of banking experience, take a closer look at what Mos has to offer.

MoS Review: Banking for StudentsMos is a financial technology company offering a new twist on banking for the students. You will be able to manage your debit account with Mos, receive scholarships, locate gig work and much more. The fee-free experience is a draw for students everywhere.

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$20 welcome bonus with Mos Debit Card

What is Moss?

Mos is a financial technology company that is changing the face of banking for students. Instead of dealing with a filled-in bank account from a regular financial institution, MoS is giving students a chance to avail banking services with a twist.

Importantly, Mos is not a bank. Instead, banking services are provided by Blue Ridge Bank. The platform began as a way for students to find scholarships for college, but has expanded into a fee-free banking experience.

MoS Review: Banking App for StudentsWhat does it offer?

Mos offers an interesting mix of facilities that college students can take advantage of. Here’s what Moss is all about.

rewards debit card

The basis of Mos’ offering is its fee-free debit account. It is similar to a checking account, but there are no physical checking options.

Instead, you’ll spend money with your convenient Mos Debit Card. As a verified student, you will have access to a free customizable debit card. Plus, you’ll get a $20 welcome bonus and a free financial aid advisor to answer your financial questions.

After you open an account, Mos will send you points when you use your debit card to make certain types of purchases and complete actions within the app.

When you sign up, you can choose a preferred category to earn points for your spending. But if you don’t select any other category, Mos sets the default category to Food & Drink. You can redeem points for cash back in the app.

If you need to withdraw cash from your account, you can make free withdrawals at any Allpoint ATM.

MoS Review: Expert Advicespot cash advance

As you work your way through the semester, you may run short of funds from time to time. Paying for higher education is a costly endeavor. But the stress of not having enough hands can cut into your study time.

Mos helps students by providing them with cash advances of up to $25 when they need them. As a student, you will not have to go through a credit check to finalize this advance. Also, you will have 14 days to make the advance payment without any interest.

Find opportunities to earn extra cash

It’s no secret that college costs can add up quickly. Between paying for living expenses and tuition, a little extra cash can go a long way.

Within the Mos platform, you can find gigs that can help you meet your needs. Although you can find gigs without the help of Mos, the app gives opportunities to vet and source so you don’t have to.

painless scholarship search

The platform actually started as a way for students to find free money to pay for school in an efficient manner.

Within the Mos app, you can take short quizzes to give the platform some idea about your scholarship eligibility. From there, the software will hunt down any scholarships, grants, tuition waivers and tuition appeals you may qualify for.

MoS Review: Scholarship SearchAre there any charges?

The best thing about working with Mos is that you don’t have to pay any fees. There are no overdraft fees, ATM fees, transfer fees or minimum balance fees. If you accept cash advance from MoS then you will not get any fee attached.

How do I contact the Minister of State?

If you need to contact the Minister of State, you will have the option to contact your advisor directly in the app. If you have a fraudulent claim, you can call the Claims Support Department round the clock at 1-833-333-0417. Otherwise, you will need to reach out to social media on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok @mosdotcom.

Based on a promising 4.8 out of 5-star score on Trustpilot, you should expect a positive experience with MoS. Both the iOS and Android versions of the app have earned 4 out of 5 stars in their respective stores.

How does Mos compare?

Mos is unique because it combines many different features into one platform. You won’t find any other platform that offers fee-free banking, scholarship assistance, access to a financial aid advisor, helps you find extra earning opportunities, and more. But you can find other fee-free student banking experiences that may fit the bill if you’re not interested in the other features Mos has to offer.

If you want to work with a larger bank, Chase’s college checking account is a worthwhile option. If you prefer to stick to mobile banking apps, consider Current.

How do I open an account?

If you are at least 18 years old, you can sign up for a Mos account by downloading the app. If you are not yet 18 years old, you will need a parent or guardian to act as the sponsor of your account.

When you sign up, you’ll need to create a tag, which acts like a username for your account. Also, be prepared to provide your phone number, Social Security number and email address.

After your account is approved, you should receive your debit card within seven to 10 business days. But you will be able to start using the virtual version of your debit card right away.

Is it safe and secure?

Although Mos is not a bank, it works with an FDIC-insured bank to protect your funds. With this, your deposits are insured up to $250,000. If you are concerned that your debit card has been tampered with, you can close the transaction within the app.

Additionally, the platform uses a fraud monitoring system to protect your account from unauthorized transactions.

is it worth it?

Mos provides a worthwhile opportunity for the students to manage their money needs at one place. It is useful to have access to a financial aid advisor and know that the platform is tracking all available scholarship opportunities. However, the platform can be improved by adding a high-yield savings account option or automatic savings features.

If you are not sure about MoS, check out these other banking options for students.

Minister of State Facilities

Fee-Free Debit Card Account Checking

Receive a $25 cash advance without paying interest for 14 days

Cash Advance Fee (*optional)

scholarship search facility

Hunts down scholarships, grants, tuition waivers and tuition appeals for which you may qualify.

Claim Support Department Number

Twitter, Instagram and TikTok @mosdotcom

web/desktop account access

35274 (via Blue Ridge Bank)

$20 welcome bonus with Mos Debit Card

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