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Nearly 60% of registered voters think it’s important for lawmakers to pass at least somewhat stricter gun laws, a new Morning Consult/politician vote After a mass shooting was found in Buffalo, New York — before another shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas — on Tuesday, calls for Congress to pass gun control legislation intensified.

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vote A combined 59% found it important for elected leaders to “pass strict gun control laws,” including 83% of Democrats, 52% of independents and 37% of Republicans.

This includes 41% who believe it is “very important” and 18% who think it is “somewhat important”, while 13% said it is “not very important” and 19% believe it. that it is “not important at all.”

The majority also want Congress to pass legislation that places “additional restrictions on gun ownership”, with 34% saying it should be a “top priority” for lawmakers and 22% believing it to be a “significant” priority, But the top is not.

A 35% plurality said the most important thing the federal government should do to stop mass shootings is pass stricter gun control laws, but the question was more divided—25% think it’s the most important. “[prevent]
spread of extremist ideologies” and 23% want “more effective policing”.

This includes 54% of Democrats who think passing gun control legislation is most effective (while 27% want to counter extremist ideologies), versus 31% of independents and 17% of Republicans.

House has passed two Bills It would strengthen background check requirements for gun purchases, but they are unlikely to approve the Senate, as Republican lawmakers and moderate Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (DW.VA) have opposed the measures.

Voting was held from May 20-22 among 2,005 registered voters, following the May 14 shooting in Buffalo but before the shooting in Uvalde on Tuesday.