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During Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s first address to Twitter’s 7,500 employees, the company’s board agreed to be acquired by the billionaire, with Musk refusing to rule out layoffs, saying remote work only allowed for “extraordinary” employees. Granted, while the larger concerns may not be addressed, the social media backed out of its deal to buy the company, according to several outlets.

Key Facts

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When asked if there could be a staff cut, Musk—who reportedly see from his phone at the town hall Thursday – said the company needed to “get healthy”, noting that Twitter’s costs exceed its revenues, according to bloombergIn which the sources present during the meeting were cited.

He said any layoffs would be based on employee performance, Bloomberg reported.

Musk – who recently announced to vote for a Republican for the first time – also shared his political views, saying that he believes in “liberal politics, people should be allowed to add”. whatever you want” on Twitter, according To new York Times.

Musk also said that only “excellent” employees would be allowed to work from home, two weeks after reports emerged that Musk told Tesla employees they should work full-time in the office or resign.

Musk said he was seeking to buy Twitter to avoid the “negative lens” of the mainstream media and emphasized that the site could lose a lot of users if Twitter users felt “annoyed or uncomfortable”. will give, Washington Post informed of,

Musk said he wanted to be involved in product development, but wasn’t ready to be Twitter’s new CEO, according to multiple outlets.