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Some users have complained about My Telkomsel application error. This incident happened last year also and happened due to various reasons.

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Almost every provider releases an official application that makes it easier for its users, as is the case with the MyTelkomsel application which belongs to the largest provider in Indonesia, namely Telkomsel. Many features of this application are very useful for its users.

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However, often users do not complain of interference with the application. So, it can hinder all their activities and needs. Errors also vary, ranging from not being able to log in, to errors and a sudden shutdown.

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If you experience something similar, Telkomsel has devised a solution when the My Telkomsel application crashes on iPhone and Android so that it can be used again as before. Check out the tutorial in the following How to Techno article.

My Telkomsel application login error

Citing the official Telkomsel website, there are a variety of errors that occur when the MyTelkomsel application crashes. Following are the types of interventions and their solutions:

1. Cannot log in to MyTelkomsel

However, in some cases, customers were found who were unable to log into the MyTelkomsel application, usually the application itself would close. If you are facing this problem, you need to look into the following possibilities:
You may be logging in with a different number and cell phone. For login access to the MyTelkomsel application, a link is required which will be sent to the number used for registration. If this link is not opened, you cannot access the MyTelkomsel application on the cellphone.

You are using an expired link. If you’ve already got the link, use it immediately. If not, it is mandatory to repeat the login process.

Chances are you are using an older version of the MyTelkomsel application. In order to improve the MyTelkomsel application service, it is necessary to update the application.

Be sure to always be connected to an Internet network to access the MyTelkomsel application.

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The MyTelkomsel application you are using has an error. Try clearing the app cache first, then reinstalling the app (delete then reinstall).

The system is busy or there is a problem in the area. This is very likely to happen if there is a power outage in your area.

If you have confirmed these points and still cannot register the MyTelkomsel application, contact Call Center 188 and elaborate your complaint via CS. Make sure that you have also mentioned the correct number used.

2. Can’t log in with email

To be able to use MyTelkomsel, users must first login. One way to log in is by using your email address.
However, you may have problems logging in with that email address. Check the following things:

My Telkomsel error and can’t open, try using this solution
My Telkomsel error can be caused by several things. If you want to solve this, use the following solution.

1. Registered and Verified Email Account

Make sure your email account is registered and verified. To do this, select ‘Account Management’, then select ‘My Profile’ in the MyTelkomsel application. Make sure you still have access to the email that will be used for registration.

2. Credit and Internet Quotas Still Enough

Make sure you have enough credit and internet quota. If your credit or Internet quota is exhausted, it will be difficult to log into MyTelkomsel using that email address.

Those are the types of errors in the MyTelkomsel application that are often experienced by users. Follow some of the solutions above.

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