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About 960,000 customers were without electricity in Puerto Rico on Thursday morning. according to, four days after Hurricane Fiona hit the island, nearly five years after the deadly Hurricane Maria ravaged the island, killing at least four people.

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About 455,000 homes in Puerto Rico did not have access to water as of Wednesday night government,

At least seven people have died in hurricanes across the Caribbean: One The person died in the French region of Guadeloupe, Two in the Dominican Republic and four in Puerto Rico, according Federal Emergency Management Agency for,

as Maria Conte Miller, director of the Institute of Forensic Sciences, said on Tuesday that eight people may have died in Puerto Rico, including a sick four-month-old baby whose mother was having difficulty getting to the hospital. Reuters,

Fiona intensified to a Category 4 hurricane as it moved north of Puerto Rico and past parts of the Dominican Republic as well as Turks and Caicos.

Electricity had been restored to 376,000 customers in about 1.5 million homes in Puerto Rico as of Wednesday, according to the power company LUMA.

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more than one lakh. As of Wednesday, how many customers in the Dominican Republic were without running water, while about 350,000 were without electricity, said Juan Mendez García, director of the country's emergency operations center, according to CNN. Fiona made landfall there on Monday.

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Fiona's center is forecast to move west of Bermuda Thursday night, with hurricane conditions expected on the island. The storm is then forecast to reach Nova Scotia on Friday, where it will begin to weaken, according for the National Hurricane Center.

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Hurricane Fiona has caused heavy damage to several islands in the Caribbean, including "catastrophic" damage in Puerto Rico, the governor said this week, five years after the island's power grid was destroyed by Hurricane Maria, which hit the island. But took the lives of about 3,000 people. The storm came even as residents were becoming frustrated with Luma, a private company contracted by the Puerto Rican government after Hurricane Maria to help fix the power grid and handle power transmission. residents have opposed asked the company and the government to terminate LUMA's contract on several occasions, arguing that power shortages had worsened since the company's transition, with many raise again His call in light of the power outage caused by Fiona. Despite previous forecasts for an intense year, the storm was the first hurricane to make landfall in the US this year during an unexpectedly calm Atlantic hurricane season.

Hurricane Fiona intensifies to a Category 4 hurricane and is responsible for at least six deaths (Wall Street Journal)

Hurricane Fiona reaches Bermuda, 8 dead in Puerto Rico (Reuters)