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Nearly all US states have at least 70% of their hospital and intensive care unit beds occupied and may face hospital constraints if coronavirus cases continue to rise amid the spread of the Delta variant and the new Omron variant. Is.

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The US has 611,917 (78.7%) hospital beds and 65,226 (79.3%) intensive care units, with 59,579 (7.75%) hospital beds and 13,736 (17.53%) ICU beds for Covid-19 patients. NS Department of Health and Human Services,

Rhode Island has the lowest statewide hospital capacity in the country, with 87.97% of its hospital beds in use, although only 7% are occupied by COVID-19 patients.

Massachusetts, which recorded its highest count Of the Covid-19 cases since January, 87.63% of its hospital beds are in use, and many hospitals have reported their ICUs completely full,

Seventeen other states – many of which have seen spikes cases of coronavirus – More than 80% of hospital beds are occupied by: Pennsylvania (86.86%), West Virginia (85.08%), Michigan (84.95%), Missouri (84.71%), Maryland (84.46%), Washington (83.47%), Georgia ( 83.24) %), New York (82.73%), Minnesota (82.71%), New Hampshire (82.21%), Connecticut (81.42%), North Dakota (81.25%), Nebraska (80.94%), Ohio (80.63%), Oregon (80.60%), Nevada (80.57%) and Arizona (80%).

new Hampshire And new Mexico, both of which have a high . Was normal rate The country leads the country in the percentage of ICU beds occupied by Covid-19 patients, with 44.34% and 40.36%, respectively, in Covid-19 cases in the past one week.

There are only five states reporting hospital bed stays below 70%: Kansas (67.29%), Utah (66.30%), South Dakota (65.93%), Mississippi (66.12%) and Wyoming (54%). ),

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