Nearly one in four employees have asked for a pay rise this year – survey

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More than two-fifths (44%) of employees have asked for a pay hike this year or plan to do so before the end of 2022, a survey found.

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Nearly one in four (24%) have already demanded a wage increase before the start of 2022.

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According to research by investment planning F&C Investment Trust and its manager, asset management group Columbia Threadneedle Investments, one in five (20%) plans to seek growth before the end of the year.

Of those who have demanded or will ask for a pay increase, 44% say they have done so for the first time in their career.

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Of course, priority should be given to day-to-day expenses, but for those who have spare money, it will be important to use this money to the best of their ability.

The research also found that men were more likely to say they had asked for a pay increase or would ask for one.

In August, 2,000 people were surveyed.

Beatrice Holland, president of the F&C Investment Trust, said: “Those who have had the privilege of receiving a salary increase should think carefully about how they can put this extra money to good use.

“Sure, day-to-day outgoing should be given priority, but for those who have spare funds, it will be important to make this money work to the best of their ability.

“Many of us will have reduced or reduced savings contributions in recent months to cope with the rising cost of living, so topping these savings accounts with any remaining money is a good place to start. to ensure that a cash buffer is readily available.”

He added that those who are in a position to lock the money for a longer period can consider investing.

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