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Although Netflix promised to eliminate depictions of smoking in new original programming aimed at younger audiences in 2019, the streaming giant continued to include hundreds of tobacco depictions. The Queen’s Gambit, The Umbrella Academy and other new and popular shows during 2020, a . According to report good By the anti-smoking non-profit Truth Initiative.

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Researchers found that Netflix shows included more tobacco depictions than shows streamed on other platforms popular with younger audiences, such as Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO and Hulu.

Queen’s Gambit, which was streamed by 62 million in households in 2020, including 220 tobacco illustrations and Umbrella Academy According to the study, each episode contained 205 tobacco depictions with both shows including tobacco.

Although Netflix strange things, which included 721 tobacco depictions in 2019, did not release a new season in 2020, and therefore did not contribute to Netflix’s high overall rate of tobacco depictions, with 30.1% of viewers aged 15-24 surveyed by Truth Initiative said he had binge-watched previous seasons of the show during 2020, reflecting the fact that older media can also contribute significantly to younger viewers’ exposure to smoking imagery.

Sixty percent of the 15 most popular streaming shows among viewers aged 15-24 included tobacco depictions in 2020, excluding data related to pre-2020 content, including 100 illustrations family Guy95 inches simpson, 54 inches big mouth and 54 inches on my block,

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