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John Kent, the current Superman and son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, will appear as bisexual and be involved in a romantic relationship with his journalist friend, Jay Nakamura, in the upcoming issue of “Superman: Son of Kal-El”. To dc comics.

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Issue number 5 will feature Jay taking care of John, who “burns out mentally and physically from trying to save everyone”, who helps the two form a romantic relationship, DC Comics said in a statement. Statement.

The news of the Man of Steel’s new romantic relationship comes on National Coming Out Day.

“Superman: Son of Cal-EL #5” will be available at comic book stores starting November 9. dc comics.

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Writer Tom Taylor said, “The epitome of Superman has always stood for hope, truth, and justice.” Statement. “Today, more people can see themselves in comics’ most powerful superheroes.”

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“Like his father before him, John Kent has fallen for a reporter,” DCSuperman said in a Tweet Which came with a snapshot of John facing Jay, who has pink hair and wears black frame glasses. In August, superhero Robin also joined DC Comics’ list of LGBTQ+ characters, which includes Batwoman and Midnighter. To NBC News.

Superman Comes Out, As DC Comics Enters a New Man of Steel (new York Times)