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Covid-19 cases in New York City have declined over the past few days, according to city ​​data, a possible sign that the wave of infections caused by Omicron is peaking in the city, though city officials said more data was needed to determine whether it was too soon.

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There has been a 25% reduction in the case count from January 2, when the city saw an average of 40,608 cases for seven days – the highest so far – till January 6, when the cases fell to an average of 30,449 per day.

Hospitalizations have also decreased: on January 3, the seven-day average was 749, which fell by almost 30% to an average of 518 on January 6.

The transmission rate has also declined: on January 2, a seven-day average of 3,409.67 cases per 100,000 people across the city, which then dropped by 25% to 2,556.66 cases per 100,000 people by January 6.

Deaths have remained stable over this time frame, hitting a seven-day average of 51 on January 4 and 5, a recent high, and an average of 50 on January 6.

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