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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nicholas Kristof filed Tuesday to form a nominee committee for governor of Oregon, indicating he could run for office next year after months of speculation.

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Christoph, who hails from Oregon and grew up on a family farm that he still runs, filed documents to “make up” with the Oregon Secretary of State.Nick for Oregon,” a candidate committee listed as supporting a gubernatorial run during the 2022 primaries.

Christophe listed himself as an affiliate of the Democratic Party and described himself as a writer, journalist and farmer for his profession.

The committee’s treasurer was listed as Elizabeth Wilson, the founder of Imperium Political Strategies, a consulting firm based in Washington, D.C., which carries out these functions. progressive candidate.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is unable to seek re-election this year because of a term limit set by the state, which has not elected a Republican governor since 1982.

If Kristoff Runs, He Will Face Oregon’s State Treasurer read tobias and house speaker Tina the Koteki, who have already announced campaigns.

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Christoph, who grew up on a farm in Yamhill County, about 20 miles northeast of the state capital, Salem, was reported to be making a run for governor in July when he abstained from his opinion columnist role. Took leave. new York Times, Which he has been handling for almost two decades. A spokesman for the newspaper said that he and management agreed that he would go on leave when they informed them that he was considering political candidacy. Christoph told willamette week In July he was asked to run by friends in Oregon, who told him that the state should “new leadership From outside the broken political system,” he said. In August, Kristoff released a 15-page legal document outlining the argument that he hails from Oregon. three-year residency requirement For a gubernatorial run, though he voted in New York as recently as 2020. He started playing a bigger role in his family’s farm and began spending more time in the state in 2018 and filed taxes in Oregon in 2019.

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Christoph, who described himself as a progressiveAccording to his biography, he has worked in journalism for almost four decades and has traveled to 150 countries. they were first hired by Times in 1984, and worked as a foreign correspondent in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Beijing before becoming an associate managing editor, and then an opinion columnist. Christoph’s work often focuses on global poverty and human rights, and has won two Pulitzer Prizes. Christoph has co-authored five books with his wife, businessman Sheryl Wooden. In December, a column by Christophe details the victims. child abuse and sex trafficking Those whose abuses were recorded and uploaded to Pornhub sparked widespread outrage against the platform, prompting Pornhub to make sweeping changes including banning content by unverified users.